Baby Ralynn- 4 days new!

Baby Ralynn was such a doll to work with.  Smiling already at only 4 days. Isn’t she just adorable! I hope to work with her again for her milestones sessions over the next year.

~Loving what I do, Juana G.

Baby John ~19 Days New!

This little guy was a dream to work with in the studio. He was so calm and relaxed the entire session. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Getting Ready for your Newborn Session

The first few days of your babies life are fulled with so much love and so much to get used too even for experienced parents. One thing you want to make sure to do in this short time where they are brand new to the world is capture those moments in portraits.

Let’s get you on the schedule…

I recommend booking your newborn session as early as three months prior to your approximate delivery date. That gives me enough time fully customize a newborn session just for you! If anything else is needed such as a coordinating headband or matching outfit, I will have enough time to research and purchase any additional items as needed. When you first schedule you will be sent a questionnaire to complete which will help us coordinate your session and make sure it is just how you envisioned it.

Baby’s Arrival…

Congratulations on your newest addition! I am super excited to capture all the little fingers and toes for you. Once you are released from the hospital, please contact me right away to schedule the date and time of your  newborn session. Sessions typically are scheduled within the first week, following your release. While is is ideal for some of the newborn poses, if you have to wait until the 10-21 day mark, no worries. My training and experience as a mom of 4 has taught me a few ways to nurture and soothe an older newborn to sleep and still capture some beautiful portraits.

Day of Session…

-Please bathe your newborn about two hours before your session. This will wake them up and get them nice and clean. If they have flaky skin, feel free to apply lotion after the bath.

– Baby will need to be kept awake for 2 hours prior to your session start time. Just before
you leave, you can give baby a full feeding in the comfort of your home, where both mom and baby are relaxed. Once feeding is finished, it is best to put baby in as little clothing as possible, blankets and car seat covers will keep baby warm (of course depending on weather). With a full tummy and little clothing, this allows me to start the session as soon as you arrive.

-Please bring a soother for comforting baby between poses and set ups. Even if you are
not using one, it is strongly suggested to bring one and will not cause nipple confusion for the short time use.

-The studio will be quite warm! Your little one will be naked the majority of the session, so to keep baby’s warm, the studio will be a toasty 80 degrees. Please dress lightly or in

– Newborn sessions typically take 2 to 3 hours to complete, with soothing, feeding, posing
and changing props. I will have snacks and water available, but recommend eating a meal before your session.

Safety is my utmost priority when handling your baby, so either mom or dad will be my spotter/assistant. All eyes and hands are to be kept around baby during posing. During the session I will be handling and posing baby, but don’t worry I have plenty of experience handling a newborn (don’t know if I mentioned I have four kiddos of my own!) I will hold and care for him or her as if they were my own, I promise!

I want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your session with me if you have any questions before or during please feel free to ask . It is also recommended to bring a change of clothes as your little one will be naked. When baby is held by mom or dad, I keep a blanket around them to hopefully catch any mess. Accidents do happen and it is quite possible someone or something will get peed or pooped on. This is quite common so don’t be alarmed if by the end of the session I have a laundry pile of props.

You are all set!

I look forward to meeting your sweet bundle of joy!

Life Seen Photography - Newborn Services


Miss S |Hagerstown, MD Milestone Photographer|

Little Miss S, was in the studio recently to capture her Pre-K Cap and Gown portraits just in time for upcoming graduations. Let the new adventures begin for all the little ones who are graduating this summer and moving on to Kindergarten.

Life Seen Photography Cap and Gown PreK 2018

Life Seen Photography’s Spring and Easter Minis

Hello There!

I know right now we are still in for tons of winter weather for the next few weeks, but spring is on the way! It is one of my favorite times of the year.

Last year, I offered our first indoor Easter Mini and it was very popular, so this year I am offering it again. With 3 different set ups available in the month of March on select dates. I will have three days available at our studio and one day available at our favorite local consignment shop here in Martinsburg, WV, The Wee Cycle.

Here are a few of our images of our set ups that will be available. Thank you to all three models and moms that came out for me to work with for my promo ads, I appreciate it! You are all such a treat to work with!

Click on image to be linked to there Event to sign up!

To warmer days that are slow but coming,

~Juana Greaves

Our Referral Program

Referral Program

One of the greatest compliments you can give is to refer your friends and family to Life Seen Photography for their portrait needs. I love to give back to all of my loyal and happy clients. So, Life Seen Photography’s referral program is my way of saying “Thank You” to you.

Here’s how it works:

For every new client that you refer who books and completes a full session you will receive $25 credit towards a future session or print products. Also, each new client referred by you will receive a $25 credit toward their current session.

It’s easy to build your credit and use it towards sessions, prints, and products that Life Seen offers.

  • Referrals are defined as NEW clients only.
  • New Client MUST indicate that you referred them at booking.
  • There is no limit on how many referral credits you can earn.
  • Referral Credits must be used within 1 year of their issue date.
  • Referral Credits are non-transferable and hold no cash value.
  • Referral Credits cannot be used toward Mini or Limited session events.

Building up Our Community

Every year, I select an organization within my community to work with by donating either my time, resources or both.

Stock Image

I have done sessions for military families with deployed solders, Easter events for community outreaches, there is no real criteria, however, I do prefer it to be a non-profit and within my local community.  This year, I decided on one that was extremely close to home for me, because of events in my own childhood.

During my childhood from the ages of 5-7, I was in foster care. I don’t remember much of my time in my life because of my age, I guess. Unfortunately, I also don’t have any images of myself or of the families I was placed with. So that 2 year period is missing from my life. My goal was to help create memories and provide images for these children so years from now they know they were cared for and loved, and most of all not forgotten.

I reached out to the Children’s Home of WV in Martinsburg started the process of setting up sessions. Everyone I was in contact with there was awesome and seemed to genuinely happy to be doing their job. The day of the sessions I was able to see how they interacted with the children  and you could  really tell they loved and cared for all the children they come in contact with.

Here is a link to their Facebook more information.

I would like to say a special Thank you to the families that foster and adopt. You are in a class of your own. You give those children a chance to be a part of a family, and that makes all the difference in their lives.

Stock Image

If you are interested in fostering or adopting in the state of WV here is the link to more information.

Never Forget 9-11-01

Most of us all remember exactly where we were on 9-11-01. I was a senior in high school, in my US History class, there wasn’t supposed to be anything special about that day but that changed when we were attacked. That day changed the course of many people’s lives and unfortunately ended the lives of others way too soon. For me, it set in stone that I would enlist into the military after finishing high school and I actually did sign up for the Navy delayed entry just a few days later. I knew that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and make the world we live in a better place, and while in the service I met so many others that joined for the same reason. I lost shipmates along the way and saw friends injured for life, but they will tell you they still believe in what we were fighting for and most would answer the call again.

Prayers and love to all those who were impacted by this tragic event. We will always remember, we will never forget.